Seth Wright

A new standard is evolving for brand management. With more and more conversation happening online, connecting with clients is now easier than ever. Your marketing team needs an enthusiastic and motivated brand manager with experience fostering community relationships using cutting-edge tools and methods.

What I Do

I design and manage communities on Discord, leveraging six years of experience on the chat platform to deliver a streamlined and professional interface for brand communities. As a Discord Certified Moderator , I contribute to the platform-wide content moderation ecosystem, while also learning from the latest trust and safety trends to craft a more safe and engaging user experience. Additionally, I use a mastery of Python to develop and implement Discord bots for content creators and brands alike, creating a cohesive presentation for branded communities.


Collaborated with Amazon Games for the western launch of Lost Ark.

  • Developed an Discord bot for internal product key management for the Legends of Lost Ark launch event, Steam's second largest release of all time.
  • Ensured smooth operation of the launch event by anticipating stress points and developing innovative safeguards.
  • Provided additional on-demand support to help adapt to out-of-scope technical challenges during the event.

Built and launched a collaborative, international, grassroots organization within two weeks.

  • Achieved 5 organic SERP keywords in our target market within 6 months.
  • Forged relationships with multi-billion dollar stakeholders.
  • Coordinated a documentary feature with HBO Max.

Managed a team of 40 associates for an Amazon Delivery Service Partner.

  • Built and managed a company Discord server for team communication and scheduling.
  • Developed innovative systems to facilitate daily operations via a Discord bot using multiple third party APIs.
  • Maintained a healthy workplace and team culture in a high-stress environment.



Operations Manager - MGF Logistics LLC (2021 - present)

  • Managed daily operations, scheduling and personnel
  • Developed internal systems to maximize efficiency and productivity

Contract Developer - Leviathan Core (January - February, 2021)

  • Assisted with efficient product key distribution via a custom Discord bot
  • Provided on-demand support during the event, ensuring smooth operation
  • Expanded scope to assist with event stress points and pass crucial information to the event Content Creators

Interim Director - Walnut Ridge Retreat Center (2020 - 2021)

  • Managed daily operations of the retreat facility
  • Managed registration, booking and event planning for groups of 20 - 150
  • Provided support to guests during their stay at the facility
  • Refined and developed innovative systems to facilitate daily operations

Lead Naturalist - Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds (2019 - 2020)

  • Taught outdoor education classes to 8 - 14 students
  • Coordinated weekly projects for a team of 3 - 5 other naturalists
  • Assisted with program development